Class Overview
All classes follow the principles defined in Wild Goose Qigong – An Internal Art. Students would typically spend three to five years in moving through the material in the book. Those six Meditations and five Forms are a tremendous storehouse of experience and knowledge and can comprise a complete practice. Those who wish to go further can explore available seminars and individual instruction to move deeper into the Wild Goose system.

In-Person Classes
The in-person classes work step-by-step through the material in the book. This includes covering the principles of internal work as well as the details of practice.

Special seminars and camps are available each year. These can cover everything from the basic fundamentals to details on some of the 70+ forms and meditations in the system.

Self-Paced Learning
Students may live some distance from an instructor or may be very comfortable with pursuing their studies on their own. As above, the book Wild Goose Qigong – An Internal Art will work for stand-alone individual study. This is very straightforward.
1. Begin reading the book and when you get to the first exercise, work on that until you are comfortable with it, following the timeline presented in the book.
2. Use the supplemental printed and video material available for FREE on this web site.
3. Continue reading as far as you wish. When you are ready, continue to take each exercise in turn.
4. When you have a question, click on the Facebook icon, and ask your question. Always ask. All questions are good. Stay in touch, we all learn together!!
5. If you can, attend a class, seminar or camp wherever possible.