Wild Goose System Classes

This is a great place to begin learning about the healthful practice of Qigong and the 1700-year-old Wild Goose system of Healing. If you are looking for a comprehensive path of self-improvement, including stress reduction, balance, and coordination, you are in the right place. This program guides you step-by-step through Qigong and Meditation to build a solid practice and a healthy lifestyle.

The program is outlined in the book Wild Goose Qigong – An Internal Art, written by the chief instructor David Deich. You may begin with Self-Paced study and continue with in-person Small Group sessions and Special Seminars or some combination of each. All paths in this program require individual practice and study outside of a classroom environment – this is the nature of the art.

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Individual Private & Small Group (up to 4 People) Lessons
are available at the rate of $80 (1st student) / $40 (each additional) per hour and $50 (1st student) / $20 (each additional) per half hour. Lessons are offered at Balmer Martial Arts (see the Location tab) subject to room availability and scheduling. Please send a Message via the Facebook page to inquire about Private Lessons.

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