All study follows the principles of wuwei (non-doing), ting (deep awareness) and song (release) as defined in my books. These principles are critical to developing the Internal skills. Regardless of the particular system you choose to follow, you must grasp these principles to succeed.

Self-Paced Learning
Students must make a personal time commitment to move forward. This commitment comes in the form of individual study. The books Just Listen, The Eight Pieces of Brocade and Wild Goose Qigong – An Internal Art are all designed for stand-alone individual study. This is very straightforward.
1. Begin reading the book that resonates most with you and when you get to the first exercise, work on that until you are comfortable with it.
2. Use the supplemental printed and video material available for FREE on this web site.
3. Continue reading as far as you wish. When you are ready, continue to take each exercise in turn.
4. When you have a question, click on the Facebook icon for the TaiChi Arts page, and ask your question. Always ask. All questions are good. Stay in touch, we all learn together!!
5. If you need more direct help, contact me through Facebook Messenger.